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Big Little Mother

Story by Kevin Kling, Illustrations by Chris Monroe

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A younger brother has little choice but to look up to his older sister. She’s taller than he is, for one thing. She has many developing talents, ranging from karate to violin. And she knows so many things: How to make the living room into an adventure land. How to dance. How to grow gumdrops. Well, maybe her understanding of the world isn’t perfect, but she’s pretty impressive, leading Little Brother to call her “Me one” and himself “Me, too.”

Big Sister also loves to share her knowledge, particularly with her best friend, Kittywumpus, the family cat. However, after a possibly too vigorous “makeover,” Kittywumpus runs away for a much-needed break, leaving Little Brother as the new target for Big Sister’s ministrations. And while it’s fun at first, the dressing up and the tea parties and the cream cheese on the piano start to make Little Brother think that the cat might have had the right idea.

Then an impromptu performance in his sister’s tap dancing class earns kudos for both siblings, giving them a new respect for each other that continues even after Kittywumpus returns.

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Author: Kevin Kling

Illustrator: Chris Monroe

Review Issue Date: October 15, 2013

Online Publish Date: September 25, 2013

Publisher:Minnesota Historical Society

Pages: 32

Price ( Hardcover ): $17.95

Publication Date: November 1, 2013

ISBN ( Hardcover ): 978-0-87351-911-3

Category: Picture Books

Kling continues his exploration of sibling relationships (Big Little Brother, 2011) and achieves a level of understanding that is at once personal and universal.

This little boy’s big sister is motherly, inventive, bossy and loves to impart knowledge. Her cat, Kittywumpus, has been her main companion (and victim), but one of her crazy schemes sends her pet running away. Now her little brother is her prime focus, and she makes the most of it. She introduces him to wildly imaginative games, teaches him to dance and views stars with him. He calls her “me one” and refers to himself as “me too,” since she makes him feel smart and talented and he is dazzled by her. The little boy narrates fun-filled vignettes of lighthearted escapades in breezy, conversational syntax. In an epilogue, he pays homage to the woman she became, a mother and teacher to be admired. The text appears in a variety of typefaces, with speech bubbles that enhance the narration. Monroe’s cartoonlike illustrations suggest the 1960s and are rendered in shades of pink and green, yellow and blue. They sweetly match the action, with each depiction of the characters filled with expression and individuality. Brother and sister are companions and partners, and Kling endows them with a depth of feeling that will resonate with young readers and their siblings. (And Kittywumpus eventually comes home.)

Funny, warm and altogether delightful. (Picture book. 3-8)


On Stage with Kevin Kling

Three complete plays plus excerpts, poems, and essays put readers on stage alongside Minnesota’s favorite storyteller, Kevin Kling.

From 21A, the one-man show that launched a career and a whole new perspective on riding the bus, to a sneak peek at the new Minnesota Public Radio–sponsored Gulliver Unraveled, On Stage with Kevin Kling gives readers a behind-the-scenes view of one of Minnesota’s most popular storytellers.

This collectible volume contains the full text of three of Kevin Kling’s stage pieces—21AIce Fishing, andScarecrow on Fire—as well as excerpts from Of Mirth and Mischief and Back Home. Previously unpublished poems, short pieces, and a conversation between the Fitzgerald Theater’s Tony Bol and the writer provide a window into Kling’s creative and collaborative process.

Kevin Kling has been telling his off-kilter stories with humor, heart, and thoughtful philosophizing for over twenty years, and this book brings readers right on stage with the master.




Holiday Inn
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Kevin Kling’s first book, The Dog Says How, brought readers into his wonderful world of the skewed and significant mundane. His second book, Holiday Inn, is a romp through a year of holidays. “Kevin Kling’s stories are not merely delightful. They are surprising, wise and redemptive. He is one of our great national treasures.”

– Krista Tippett, public radio host and founder of Speaking of Faith.


book.jpgThe Dog Says How
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In Kling’s classic and never-before-told stories, “the mundane becomes magical, the fantastic becomes accessible and through it all his profound sense of curiosity about the world transforms the everyday to the timeless.”
-Queen Anne News, Seattle


Big Little Brother

This charming first children’s book by celebrated storyteller Kevin Kling, with whimsical drawings by Chris Monroe, traces a familiar arc from sibling rivalry to brotherly love.

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Kevin Kling

Kevin Kling